Heard Craig Hall. 3:00pm
Pre-concert presentation at 2:15
An interactive presentation by Jamie Allen (Director of Education of the Dallas
Symphony Orchestra) Open to all ages

The Soldier’s Tale is is a stunning theatre + live music work for narrator,
actors, dancer, and a 7 piece orchestral ensemble – composed by the
legendary Igor Stravinsky and with text written by Swiss author C.F. Ramuz
based on a Russian folk tale drawn from the collection of Alexander

The story is a dark Faustian fable that tells of a soldier who sells his magic
fiddle to the devil, who promises to grant his every wish in return – which
inevitably has its consequences.

The music is a mix of Stravinsky’s neo-classical style and his more modern
composition – sounding almost jazz-like at times – for an intriguing
combination of violin, double bass, clarinet, bassoon, cornet, trombone, and

This February, Odysseus Chamber Orchestra is very proud to present the
first first full music, theatre and dance performance of the work in the North
Texas area at the Heard Craig Hall in McKinney.

The Odysseus Chamber Orchestra will be joined by Choreographer and
Stage Director: Amiti Perry

Adult: $16
Senior/Student: $12

Adult: $18
Senior/Student: $14

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Amiti Perry, Stage Director and
Amiti Perry received her BA in Dance from the
University of North Texas and MFA in Choreography
from The Ohio State University. In 2006, Amiti
founded æmp:dance/ amiti perry + company, with
whom she created, presented and  performed in
multiple New York venues. She co-founded DIPdance
with collaborator Coco Loupe in 2001, presented and
performed works in New York, Texas, Louisiana and
Ohio; performed as a guest artist with Rachel Lampert
and Dancers (Ithaca, NY, 1999); Ellen Stokes Shadle
(NYC 2006-2008); and performed, taught, assisted and
designed, nationally and internationally, with Skip
Costa/COREmovement Project-NYC (1999-2003). Her
varied background includes teaching, performing and
choreographing classic and contemporary modern,
jazz, ballet, tap and musical theater.

Relocated back to her Texas roots in 2012, Amiti
teaches as adjunct at the University of North Texas’
Department of Dance and Theatre where she has also
performed and choreographed as a guest artist. She
has had the pleasure to work with Satellite Dance
Company under the direction of Mary Lynn Babcock
and as a guest performer for Shelley Cushman. In
2013 she began collaborating with Dwayne and
Ronda Craig as guest choreographer for Theatre at the
Colony. Amiti is grateful for and excited about this new
venture and collaboration with Jason Lim.